Gecko SpellChecker Plugin for FCKeditor & CKEditor


This is a plugin that provides for FCKeditor and CKEditor a way to access the Firefox spellchecker thanks to the WriteArea extension.

If you still haven't installed the extension, you can see how it does integrate the spellchecker into the context menu in this screenshot: Screenshot of the context menu with the suggestions for 'youu'


Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo

Version history:

  1. 0.7: 18-May-2008. First version. For FCKeditor 2.x
  2. 1.0: 9-December-2009. New version for CKEditor 3.x


You can see it at work in the following editor:

Important: you need to be using Firefox, and have the WriteArea extension installed and enabled.

Final notes

If you find this plugin useful, consider making a donation so it can be further improved, any amount can help to keep the development running.

If you need some special feature for this plugin, or if you need any other kind of plugin for FCKeditor then contact me and we can discuss it

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