Image Maps Plugin for FCKeditor


This Plugin allows to create and edit image maps inside FCKeditor

It has been created using the imgmap code from Adam Maschek and adapted to FCKeditor by Adam Maschek and Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo.

Version history:

If you want a version for CKEditor, please visit this page



You can see it at work in the following editor (note, instead of the normal 'Preview', this editor is using the 'serverPreview' command), select the image and press the Insert/Edit Image Map button:


Download it and read the documentation.

Final notes

If you find this plugin useful, consider making a donation so it can be further improved, any amount can help to keep the development running.

If you need some special feature for this plugin, or if you need any other kind of plugin for FCKeditor then contact me and we can discuss it

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